Gas Giants are planets that are leaving home but the effects of puberty haven't quite left them. They were born around 4.5 billion years ago and left home at a very young age of around 2 million. Their little brothers are still living in Asteroid house on Belt lane. Mummy Sun has had 8 children and has adopted one boy who is for sale to any comets and meteorites that happen to pass by. Overall their are four gas giants.

Jupiter Edit

Jupiter with spt

Jupiter needs to wash more...

Jupiter is the biggest of the four older sons. He is 317 times bigger than his little brother Earth. Jupiter has had a late puberty swing. He gets very angry a lot of the time hence the bad weather moods. He has a huge spot that is 12,000 by 25,000 km and he likes to dress in very colourful yellow and orange clothing, he also has several friends but they are much smaller than he is. One of them is called Ganymede, he is three times as big as Jupiter's little brother Earth. At one point Jupiter got very angry about a fly that started buzzing around him, we know it as the Galileo space craft. Jupiter suffers from intense mood swings, sometimes he's angry, sometimes he's furious but most of the time he is bloody livid.

Saturn Edit


Look at that, So Sexy...

Saturn is in all honesty, a bit of a softy. He is nearly as big as his brother Jupiter. One thing Saturn is not short of is mates, his gang is massive, it is so big that all of his friends socialize in a massive ring that circles around him. Saturn's waistline is slowly expanding as he eats more and more. Despite this however, when measured on a set of scales, we find that Saturn is the lightest of the planets. Saturn also has a few bestie's such as Titan. Titan is around the same size as baby Mercury. Unfortunately for the rest of Saturn's gang, Titan doesn't wash, so he smells pretty bad. Saturn is easily the prettiest of the four brothers, among his gang of friends are a load of female rocks who would really like to take him out...

Uranus Edit


Uranus is like, so boring...

Uranus is where the sun does not shine, this teen is rather boring. He doesn't feel much emotion and his mood never really changes. Uranus has his own gang of friends and with 21 bestie's Uranus is relatively popular, his magnetic field helps him to attract female rocks. Miranda is one of the chief followers. She is pretty weird though, her skin is very oddly shaped and looks blotchy. Uranus doesn't fancy her. Uranus also has a big gang that forms a ring but they too are quite smelly. Uranus is by far the most boring of the four giants.

Neptune Edit


He looks very cold doesn't he...

If the family ever had a bad guy then Neptune is the man. He is a very dark and cold dude even though he has mental problems and several mind conflicts. His stormy mood swings are far worse than those of Jupiter. Neptune is a very fast runner, he can reach speeds up to 1,250 mph much faster than usain Bolt. Neptune has an evil henchman called Trito who is the same size as the moon (The Earth's pet) but unlike the moon, Triton is a grizzled character who has clearly seen conflict and won many fights with passing comets and asteroids. Its cratered surface shows that. Titan is as cold as Neptune and just as evil.

Extrasolar Gas Giants Edit

There are many different types of Extrasolar Gas Giants. Their are those who are really fat and very, very angry, or those who are scared stiff of their big parent. Doubtless that there are some giants out their who are even more evil than Neptune and even more dull than Uranus.

Cold Gas Giants Edit

Their pretty damn cold

Smaller Gas Giants Edit

Their pretty small because of something called hydrogenic hydrodinamic hydrodynamic escape, don't ask.

What happens next? Edit

It turns out mum is pretty annoyed at Neptune and is now slowly planning on gobbling him up whole, even if she has to sacrifice her other sons to do it. Thanks Neptune, you landed us in the shitter.

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