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 France Score: 69,105 Moves: ∞

> Drive though the Place de l'Arc du Triomphe at rush hour

You crawl out of McDonald's and hijack the first cute little European car you see (more like hit your head on its tire). You tell me how you managed it with 1HP...

After haphazardly pulling off of the sidewalk, you burn rubber up the Champs Elysées, making a beeline for the Arc. Your...unpolished...driving methods, having spent most of your life in a sword-and-sorcery genre game void of automobiles, thankfully don't stand out too much against the deluge of French drivers as you pull into the great roundabout surrounding the monument, dodging traffic as you go...

Three hours later, you are still maneuvering around in a circle. Every time you lay eyes on a possible escape, someone cuts in front of you just as you start to turn with a deafening blast of their horn. You have by now learned all but one French expletive, and long to return to the safety and calm of grue-filled caves, exploding runes, and bottomless pits. The stress is wearing down the edges of that one precious HP...will you make it?

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