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*[[Game:Zork3/west|go west]]
*[[Game:Zork3/west|go west]]
*[[Game:Zork3/up|fly up]]
*[[Game:Zork3/up|fly up]]
*[[Game:Zork3/down|go down]]
*[[Game:Zork3/Grue|examine grue]]
*[[Game:Zork3/Grue|examine grue]]

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 Nondescript Room Score: 0 Moves: 1

> Get the hell outta here

Done. You now have The Hell Outta Here, a kickass weapon capable of killing any opponent instantly, no matter how powerful. Nothing can resist it. However, once used, it disappears forever, unless the plot calls for it to be used again.

It is dark. You are likely to be eaten by a Grue.

> cast frotz

You cast frotz, using up 20 MP and illuminating the room. This place looks familiar... but nondescript.

> look around

You are in a nondescript room of nondescript size. Exits are to the north, south, east and west. Oh, and there's a Grue over there in the corner.

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