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You decide it would be best not to waste time. You head straight for the castle, err... I mean building. It'll take awhile, so you get comfortable.

> GrzzzLOOK

Okay... Um, beneath you is a wide exspanse, with some antennas, large towers, and the occasional Clinja.


You should know what it is! Wait.. H4X0RZ!

The rocket quickly dropped a nuculear bomb on the towers. Back to normal, hearing the cries of nerds, you smile. Nerds deserve to die.

Soon, you get there. You decide to land.

> Land

Land where?

> Umm.. Look for good positions

There is a pack of Radioactive ClinjaBears guarding a field full of corn, The L33T Hammer Broz. on a hill, And a old lady in the front post, right in front of the door.

Perhaps you can kill them...

> inv


Jet/Robot with weapons:
1 nuke
MG's with 50,000 bullets

Electric Knowledge

Egg Powers

MSP: 20,000
HP: 1000


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