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You decide to enjoy yourself, to have some fun, besides, you may die any minute now...

> look

All around you are clouds, birds, cartoon characters and the like. You notice a thing encased entirely in black coming torwards you. It's probaly just a bird. You look below you and see that weird house.... It seems like you've walked for miles, yet you just took off a couple seconds ago, could you really not have moved more than 200 yards?

> Yeah.. That's enough

... You notice the sun.. SO beautiful... It reminds you of your mother. She had to be taken out.. She was too sad after dad went... there...

> Seriously.. Stop...

Speaking of sad, what ever hapened to that poor kid, from when you first entered the house... How is his corpse doing?


Geez... Just for that, that black thing- he was a dragon. You watch him come at you... And he destroys you with one swipe of his mighty claws.

*** Gah hav garbg ***

Garhd gah garg bah gad ah rabarzb, razgar bah zganbang narh, arrh anb b!z zarzah argh Arbahn Gahb? (Gabrh RAZGARB, RAZGARH, arrh GHABG):

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