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You decide to enjoy yourself, to have some fun, besides, you may die any minute now...

> look

All around you are clouds, birds, cartoon characters and the like. You notice a thing encased entirely in black coming torwards you. It's probaly just a bird. You look below you and see that weird house.... It seems like you've walked for miles, yet you just took off a couple seconds ago, could you really not have moved more than 200 yards?

> Yeah.. That's enough

... You notice the sun.. SO beautiful... It reminds you of your mother. She had to be taken out.. She was too sad after dad went... there...

> Seriously.. Stop...

Speaking of sad, what ever hapened to that poor kid, from when you first entered the house... How is his corpse doing?


Geez... Just for that, that black thing- he was a dragon. You watch him come at you... And he destroys you with one swipe of his mighty claws.

<option>:: *** You flubbed your line ***

Would you like to try not to flub it again, go back to the moment where you had to say your line, or give up and run to your mommy and daddy crying? (type RESTART, RESTORE, or QUIT):

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