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 gruenest/east Score: 0 Moves: 0

Are you sure? That sandstorm looks pretty fierce.

> Go east

Fine, your funeral.

You head east into the sandstorm, which all but blocks out the sun -- and your view. You can barely move!

> fire thrusters

You have nothing called "thrusters".

> inv

100 heat-seeking missiles
5 minutes of laser power
4 flash bombs
Four 500-kilowatt searchlights (5 minutes of use)
10 nest-destroying bombs that for some reason can't be used on anything else
29.97 minutes' worth of coolant
One rear-mounted awesome-powered light cannon (infinite use)

> fire rear-mounted awesome-powered light cannon backwards

The recoil from the light cannon sends you flying through the sandstorm. The abrasive effect from the sand begins to take its toll on your shields. You have 97% armor. Oh, and there's a cave to the right.

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