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 Inside the Stable Score: 10 Moves: 2

> enter stable

Bad news. The floor of the stable is missing.

> turn into cartoon character

You are now a very good, if illegal, carbon copy of Wile E. Coyote - for legal purposes, we'll call you Sneak E. Fox. Nice move, slick. You are now suspended over a near-infinite drop, and stand there soliloquising fllippantly.

> exploit rules of cartoon physics

Bad idea. One of the rules of cartoon physics is that any trap set up by Wile E. - uh, sorry, Sneak E. Fox - to catch the Road Runner - oops, Tarmac Sprinter - will inevitably backfire. You reach for your gravity gun to pull Tarmac Sprinter towards you, only to snag a very large rock instead. It smashes you in the face and drops you seven million feet down a very deep well.

> aaaaaaaaaaaagh

Luckily, the fall does not kill you.

> phew

Unluckily, you land surrounded by eight million Grues, and all of them are hungry. Also, you cannot use any of your special Grue Killing Bombs, because they all detonated when you landed, knocking you out.

> where did I get those?

Came free with the Sneak E. Fox gear.

You are promptly devoured by Grues.

*** You've been pwn'd ***

Ha ha, n00b. Wanna press A-B-Start-Select, load a savestate, or quit? (Type RESTART, RESTORE, or QUIT):

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