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 Cloud's Fight - Sword Battle Score: 500,000,000 Moves: 21

> Alright, Fight sword with sword!

Cloud Tries To Attack. But You Avoid His attack, and counter succesfully. You And Him attack each other in the same time.
> Extra Power! Throw away his sword!

Thrown. Now Cloud doesn't have any weapon to fight with, while the weapon rack is gone.
> Great!

WTF? Now , remember the great grue that was guarding the castle? now, it appears with a bit of transpearancy, and even a Halo on His head.
> OMGWTF? A Halo?...

It Asks Cloud: WOOD YO LIEK TA WEEN? OOR LOOZ? Cloud says: "Fuck you". Disappointed by Cloud, The giant grue eats him.
> (Whisper) Kool!

Now's Your Turn. The Giant grue asks you: WUD YA LIIK T WEN R LUZE?
> (Gulp} I'd Choose to...

This grue seems good, as descript B4. C'mon, GO N' ACCOMPLISH YOUR GOAL!

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