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 Wesrivia Score: 1 Moves: 9

> Blinding flash

You use frotz. The grue army dies and Robin takes 50 damage. He gets blinded

You           Robin (Blinded)
HP: 200/200   HP: 150/200
MP: 220/300   MP: 400/400

Robin summons a clinja to the battle.

You           Robin (Blinded)   Clinja
HP: 200/200   HP: 150/200       HP: 80/80
MP: 220/300   MP: 350/400       MP: 20/20

The clinja whips out its HaHaKatana and stabs you in the heart Steve Irwin style. You die and the Telletubbies dishonor you and soil your corpse. And then your corpse is eaten by a grue.

*** You got expelled ***

Would you like to restart with a rival school, restore your state education, or give up and be educated at home? (Type RIVAL, STATE, or HOME):

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