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 Grue/Erug City Owning Score: 3 Moves: 60

> fire comma

You fire a comma that lands 2.5 miles and 1 inch away.
> fire apstrophe

The two mix up and cause an coma explosion. Since you were 1 inch out of the range of the total ownage, you are not killed. However, any traces of both no longer exist. You see what appears to be a cave at the bottom of the 5 mile pit where the cities once stood.
> hadoken!

The grue inside the cave is vaporised by the evil concentration of love. You feel divorce rates rising. You are then sued by Black Mage, but he gets arrested upon entering court. Later that day, he finds out your Hadoken also killed Fighter.
> enter cave

You enter the cave. There are 3 branches. From the left, the singing of fellow adventurers is heard. Toward the middle, you hear an anouncer scream that the Grue Games have started. To the right lies EVERY SINGLE EVIL EVER CONCIEVED. Barney, Zeeky H. Bomb, PBJ, Teletubbies...

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