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The scientists redirect the portal to some desert. Man, isn't that portal great?

The scientists tell you that grues has been breeding offspring so that they would carry out general chaos, and they (the scientists, not the grues) are depending on you to put a stop to it. The offspring are located in a nest somewhere in the desert.

> enter portal

You enter the portal and find yourself at an ammunitions station in the middle of the desert. Here you can load your Anti-Gruebot with all sorts of high-tech weaponry, such as heat-seeking missiles and precision lasers.

> equip Anti-Gruebot

You stock your robot with the essentials.

100 heat-seeking missiles
5 minutes of laser power
4 flash bombs
Four 500-kilowatt searchlights (5 minutes of use)
10 nest-destroying bombs that for some reason can't be used on anything else
30 minutes' worth of coolant
One rear-mounted awesome-powered light cannon

There is a sandstorm coming from the east.

> head to grue nest

Which way?

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