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 Slash Ur-Grue with ye sword Score: -4384196094873164 Moves: 47

> Get ye sword!

You mysteriously withdraw the elven elfin sword from the depths of your bottomless back pocket. It is glowing brighter than 100000000 supernovas happening at once!

> Wait... Shouldn't the Ur-Grue die from all that light?

You forgot that it radiates darkness that normal light cannot penetrate.

> Kill Ur-Grue

You charge valiantly towards the Ur-Grue, bashing your way through all the Grues standing in your way. As it prepares to launch a fist towards you, you run up its shoulder and........

.......kill it in one blow.

> What!!?!? That easy???

Yeah. However, a grue ate you.


*** Y0u'v3 b33n pwnt ***

W0u1d y0u 1ik3 2 r3st4r7z0r, r3st0rt or qu17z? (7yp3 R3ST4RTZ0R, R3ST0RT, 0r QU17Z):

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