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 YOU EVIL BASTARD Score: 1000 Moves: 49

> Kill Grue Slayer

You crack a sarcastic joke about his loss to a n00b AFGNCAAP, and his head explodes in a bloody spray of ichor (Eww, blood!).

"Good, AFGNCAAP, good. Your journey to the dark side is now complete."

You become the Ur-Grue's servant, helping him for several years and brutally murdering countless unlucky adventurers, until one fine day, an extremely 1337 adventurer blows your head off with a kitten launcher.

In your last breath, you wonder why your life is so much like Star Wars.

*** You got expelled ***

Would you like to restart with a rival school, restore your state education, or give up and be educated at home? (Type RIVAL, STATE, or HOME):

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