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 Grue Slayer Score: 100 Moves: 49

> Extreme Sarcasm

Using your Pudding-Powered extreme sarcasm, you bring the defenseless Grue Slayer to his knees. Grue Slayer now has 1 HP.

You wonder whether or not to kill him.

The Ur-Grue starts saying (The Ur-Grue can talk?), "Kill him, AFGNCAAP. Kill him!"

> But it's against the Adventurer's Code to kill other AFGNCAAPs or Adventurers!

"He is too dangerous to be left alive! If you don't kill him now, he will pwnxxorz your ass in PvP!"

> I'm not interested in PvP...

"You have already violated the Adventurer's Code by stepping on that adventurer's face underneath the trapdoor in Zork I! Why not go the whole hog?"

> ... ...

What would you want to do?

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