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 Emperor of the Universe! Score: Infinity Moves: Unknown

> Fire the Fuck out of Here!

The Fuck out of Here fires, and the Ur-Grue and all his Grues explode.

Chuck Norris turns up-

> Fire the Fuck out of Here!

He explodes in a flash of blue light.

God turns up-

> Fire the Fuck out of Here!

God explodes too. YOU KILLED GOD!

All the other Gods turn up-

> Fire the Fuck out of Here!

They explode too! Wow! Now, there is no one to oppose you!

> Yee-Ha! I'm the Emperor of the Universe! Kill everybody!

You systematically annihilate everyone in the universe, including yourself.

> DAMMIT! I never said shoot myself!

But you wanted to kill everyone in the universe, so you did!

> FUCK...

*** You have died ***

Would you like to start over, restore a saved position, or end this session of Zork 3? (Type RESTART, RESTORE, or QUIT):

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