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 you suck more Score: -infinity Moves: 2

You are really pushing it this time, aren't you?
> Shut up.

> Because I said so.

> Because you are so annoying, you got eaten by a grue.

Stop doing that, it doesn't work. For that, your legs suddenly give way and they can't move.
> I'm sorry! Please let me move again!

Why should I?
> Because I will use Extreme Sarcasm.

Oh right...
> Can I move now?

Not yet, but maybe you can survive like this!
> Yeah! I can get disability benefit and everything! I can even move with my arms! Thanks!

And your outcome is even better! Look, here comes a grue to help you up!

<option>:: *** You flubbed your line ***

Would you like to try not to flub it again, go back to the moment where you had to say your line, or give up and run to your mommy and daddy crying? (type RESTART, RESTORE, or QUIT):

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