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 you suck more Score: -infinity Moves: 2

You are really pushing it this time, aren't you?
> Shut up.

> Because I said so.

> Because you are so annoying, you got eaten by a grue.

Stop doing that, it doesn't work. For that, your legs suddenly give way and they can't move.
> I'm sorry! Please let me move again!

Why should I?
> Because I will use Extreme Sarcasm.

Oh right...
> Can I move now?

Not yet, but maybe you can survive like this!
> Yeah! I can get disability benefit and everything! I can even move with my arms! Thanks!

And your outcome is even better! Look, here comes a grue to help you up!

*** You suck ***

Would you like to not suck, cheat by loading someone else's save, or give up out of frustration? (Type NOT SUCK, CHEAT, or GIVE UP):

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