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 WOW, YOU MADE IT!!! Score: Infinity Moves: Unknown

You made it here? Wow, that's just amazing!

Congratulations, you have just found the secret ending to Zork 3!

You find yourself on the far side of the moon. What an fitting place for a final battle. Every single force of good is slugging it out against every single force of evil, known or unknown, in increasingly desperate and gory ways. The NYPD forces desperately try to hold back hordes upon hordes of grues before they collide with the eurgs currently gnawing at Bart Simpson at one corner. Meanwhile, Captain Obvious obviously fires rounds upon rounds of extreme sarcasm at the grues currently engaged in an attempt to obviously gnaw off his arm. Meanwhile, Santa Claus mortally wounds Zombie Aeris just before a Heffalump stomps on him. Harry Potter's protective bubble spell seems to be weakening, obviously since he got killed three times in a row by Master Chief, who happens to be just about to snipe you -

> Arrgh!

- Thankfully, your faithful ally Dopefish sacrifices his life to protect you by crashing into the bullet, thinking that it was a very small wall.

> I use unknown magic powers that I gained to cast Blazara!

What the HELL is Blazara?

> Its a fire spell!

Ok, you burn yourself.

> No, I cast it on my enemies!

You still burn yourself.

> What?

You have no control over your spells. Besides, be grateful that I even allowed you to use that spell.

You are still on fire.

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