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 Library Score: 15 Moves: 22

A gruefeciologist suddenly bursts into the library.

"What the fudge are you doing in here? Get out!-- Oh. So you're interested in Grues, huh?"

> Excuse me? I almost got killed by some freakshow who calls himself Grue Slayer and you're yelling at me?

"Erm, yes... So you've read 'Gruesome Book of Grues and Shrews', have you? Yes! Take a look at this chapter."

> Why? What's so freaking important about this whole 'Grue' thing anyway? I've already beaten the Ur-Grue, so the Grue Empire will collapse, right?

"No. You didn't read the chapter, did you? Okay...there are four Supreme Commanders below the Ur-Grue. They want you dead."

> So? I'm just about ready to die by a Grue.

"Okay, fine. But you won't get the One Ring to rule them all."

> You ripped that off from Lord of the Rings.

"You are the One. You are the One who will destroy the Grue Empire."

> That one's from the 'Matrix' trilogy, and I already did that!

"Two chapters ago, you KNEW that Grues were safe to examine."

> 'Men in Black' reference, and a weak one at that--HEY! I had just started, okay!

"Alright, alright! I'll go open up the portals so that you can get on with your quest."

> You do that.

"But first, so I know you are smart, and not some dumb, random adventurer." You cringe when he says that.

"You must take this test."

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