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You return to the library, devoid of gruefeciologist-Farkers. You have but one thing to do now.

> examine paperweight

It turns out not to be a paperweight at all, but another egg fragment! What a surprise! You assemble it with the others.

The inscription changes.

Golden Egg of Arkora
The fragment of Ark-Majik grants greatly amplified magic ability to the current owner. +20 HP
permanently to whoever has possessed this fragment at some point in time.
The fragment of Ark-Golym grants near-invulnerabiility and massive HP gains at great cost. Physical
domination against any opponent is virtually guaranteed. Physical might dampened slightly by the fragment
of Ark-Fayri. DISCLAIMER: Causes massive decrease in speed. Fast opponents might kill you anyway.
The fragment of Ark-Fayri grants incredible speed. Dampened only slightly by the fragment of Ark-Golym.
User is weakened physically.
The unifying core is missing. Without it, the true power of this egg cannot be released.

Welly well well, time to pay a visit to Charlie, eh? Better watch out for his spoons!

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