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 CH4charlie/engage Score: 0 Moves: 0

Don't you know that Charlie kills people with spoons and eats them with knives?

> Just attack already!

Okay...don't say I didn't warn you.

Charlie stops your attack with ease and launches a spoon at your stomach, dealing 100 damage. Wow, you seem to have a minimal chance of living!

> Counter-attack

You barrely manage to touch Charlie before he dodges you and hits you with more spoons (-150 of your HP). You can hear him laughing.

"You couldn't touch me three chapters ago, and you can't touch me now! Plus, I have disabled all cheats! I am unbeatable!"

> Insta-scan target

Charlie You
HP 499985/500000 HP 249750/250000

Now what, punk? You're on a tiny boat, about to fall into the River Styx...

Lucky you! Charlie just teleported the two of you to a deathcave! Plenty of room to maneuver, but one of you isn't leaving alive.

"The rules are simple. We engage in three trials: strength, magic, and speed. Best two out of three lives. You, as the challenged, get to choose the order in which we do this. Choose your first trial."

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