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 The Burrow Score: 45 Moves: 36


The spell whizzes by your right shoulder and barely misses. Your attacker, impressed that you can do magic, stops his attack.

"Oh, sorry about that. I mistook you for a Muggle."

> "'Muggle'? And by the way, I'm over here."

"Non-magical folk. Anyway, you shouldn't intrude on people like that, it's rude. My name's Arthur Weasley. What brings you here?"

> "I'm looking for someone named Lord Voldemort. You seen him anywhere?"

"YAAAHHH!!! Don't say that name out loud, please!"

> "Sorry. Have you seen him?"

"No, but Harry here seems to run into him all the time. Maybe if you hang close to Harry, you'll find You-Know-Who. Not sure why you want to meet him, though..."

> "I'm trying to kill him."

"Erm... ahem... well... Uh... you better hurry or we'll miss the Hogwarts Express!"

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