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 Kippers Score: ? Moves: ?

> Take kippers

Yeah, right, like you actually knew what kippers are? Aunt Helga is looking at you, waiting for you to eat the the kippers.

> Eat kippers

As you hungrily devour (All you've eaten was a bottle of water, which isn't really eating) the kippers, you notice that the nephew is dead. You wonder how as you eat the last kipper. Then you notice that Aunt Helga is laughing. As it turns out, Aunt Helga is really a homocidal maniac, driven to the brink by Hagar's abusive ways, and the kippers were poisoned with catnip. At least your last moments will be spent in blissful ignorance.

> I'm not a cat. And how do you poison something with catnip?

You're dying, you don't have time for trivial things like that!

> No. Really. How?

Why aren't you dead yet? Die already!

*** Mama mia! ***

It's a me, Mario! Would-a you like to start over, restore-a your saved position, or end-a your session of Zork? (type RESTART, RESTORE, or QUIT):

Ah, there we go. Just so you know, kippers are fish.

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