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 Codemaster Score: N/A Moves: N/A

You spend the turn gloating about your power and capabilities.

You: Ha! That's only my weakest defense! Now i show you what I can really do............

...and on and on and on and on and so on... you gloat until your turn is over.

The Penguin looks at your barrier and tries to understand the mechanics and physics applied to it.

He grabs an Electron Gun and shoots your barrier, causing it to shatter to pieces.

You: Hey! Where did he get that?!

You annoyed me that why.

You: THATS NOT FAIR!!!! *enters code:challenge narrator*

... ... ... If that's what you want... I'll unlock the last opponent for you.

You: Wait..... what???

shatterAngel has joined the arena

shatterAngel: ~Well?~

You: What the....? *stares at shatterAngel*

shatterAngel: ~Damn you stop staring at me.~

You: No. You're too hawt. *Goes and grabs shatterAngel*

shatterAngel: ~... *enters cheat: infinitecodeerror~

You: *%Y!@*(UGF*@$)(*TGF .... (wtf??)

shatterAngel: ~Taste my Bullet you pervert *breaks free and shoots you in the head with a Magneum Express 0.44 Cal*~

(You Die by Headshot)

You: @*(&^@*($! {aw... crap}

shatterAngel: ~Try doing something like that again and I'll kick you from PvP~

shatterAngel has left the arena


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