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 Cellar Score: 25 Moves: 22

> "Goddamnit, now I'll never ever get the sword!"

"Gnrrrph mrrrpg" says your foot.

Oops. You seem to have stepped on the face of a dying adventurer. He looks as if he's been hammered to within twelve inches of his life, and your stepping on him sent him eleven inches closer. Judging from the position of the body, he seems to have crawled on his belly out of the room to the east.

> raise foot

"Morgoth...." the poor sap gasps. "I... kicked him in the c..rotch two mill..ion and *cough* nine... hund... red... thou...sand... nine hun... dred and... *gasp* ninety-nine times. And.. then... he got me."

You wonder if he's going to mention the whole stepping-on-face business.

"Avenge..." he whispers in the tiniest of voices. "Avenge... my... death... friend... *cough* hey... did... you... fart..." Oops, he's gone that final inch. He dies.

> whoa

You realise that his is the first dead body you've ever seen. Out of respect for this nameless adventurer for whom the Game really is Over, you feel a few simple words of farewell are in order.

"Sucks to be you." you murmur.

Now, to get the hell out of here. The rat-ants will be coming to feast soon, and they're not picky about how dead their meat is.

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