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 streets Score: 0 Moves: -0

> Go towards distant light

You walk towards the distant light. It gets dimmer and dimmer. At last, it goes out, and you are still 30 miles from it.

> Fumble around in the dark

Unfortunately, it is now pitch black and you cannot see a thing. You fall over the side of what may be a parked truck and break one leg.

> Crawl to safety

As you crawl to safety, something, possibly a car or a speeding Grue, runs over your other leg and your arms at the same time, breaking them.

> Inch to safety

By this point, the smell of your fresh blood attracts the attention of a nearby Street Grue. You are torn into 1200,000 pieces and eaten.

*** You've been Blue Shell'd ***

Would you like to restart your race, obtain a 'shroom, or finish last in this session of Mario Kart? (TYPE RESTART, RESTORE OR QUIT):

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