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 streets Score: 0 Moves: -0

> Go towards distant light

You walk towards the distant light. It gets dimmer and dimmer. At last, it goes out, and you are still 30 miles from it.

> Fumble around in the dark

Unfortunately, it is now pitch black and you cannot see a thing. You fall over the side of what may be a parked truck and break one leg.

> Crawl to safety

As you crawl to safety, something, possibly a car or a speeding Grue, runs over your other leg and your arms at the same time, breaking them.

> Inch to safety

By this point, the smell of your fresh blood attracts the attention of a nearby Street Grue. You are torn into 1200,000 pieces and eaten.

*** In Soviet Russia, died have YOU! ***

In Soviet Russia, game would like to start over YOU! In Soviet Russia, saved position restore YOU! In Soviet Russia, session of Zork ends YOU! (IN SOVIET RUSSIA, RESTART, RESTORE OR QUIT TYPE YOU!)

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