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 Town Asylum Score: ? Moves: ?

> Sit down in overstuffed chair

You wander over to one of the overstuffed chairs nearby. Why the lobby of such a dull and uninteresting looking place would have a such a comfortable chair, you have no idea. Soon, the chair proves too much for you and you fall asleep.

> Wake up

You rise from your sleep feeling refreshed. This time, however, you are strapped onto an operating table. Several doctors in surgical masks mill around you, consulting checklists. You look down and realize that you are strapped to some sort of special operating generator.

> Scream

You cannot help it. You scream! The doctors are thrown in disarray. You're in the nearby insane asylum. The staff mistook you for a patient and, while you were asleep, took you to the operating room to perform brain surgery on you. As you inevitably recover from your sedation in the middle of the surgery and scream, a drill slips somewhere and comes out the other side of your skull.

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