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 East of Morgoth Score: 1 Moves: 70

> east

You leave behind the remains of Morgoth and head east.

> look

You are inside what appears to be a dungeon due to the texture of the floor. It probably is similar to those in Dungeons & Dragons or those weird RPGs with bad spelling. The air smells oddly fresh, but a slight dash of gas is in the air. It is too dark to see.

Incidentally, that wasn't actually Morgoth you fought back there. It was just a regular old troll.

> Ya-what?!

Look, did you really think the most powerful evil being in existence would be in the basement of a house in the wilderness of South Carolina?

I didn't think you'd actually beat the troll, so I dressed its description up a bit so that you wouldn't feel so bad about your wussiness.

> Augh! You will pay for this!

That I will, my friend. That I will.

> search for exits

There is a staircase going upstairs. However, you may wish to explore the room first.

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