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 The Dark Pit of Doom and Compost Disposal Score: 667 Moves: 665

That was really stupid. I mean really, really stupid. Not only have you given up your chance to get out of this horrible place, but you were standing two steps away from a dark, deep pit.

> Am I likely to be eaten by a grue?

Shut up.
Actually, you weren't. But now, now that you've reminded me, you are. So. That was really stupid. I mean really, really st-

> I get it. You don't need to repeat the room description.

Fine. - and are likely to be eaten by a grue. So... what are you going to do about it?

> Turn on lamp.

You haven't got a lamp. You're dead.

> Turn alive again

Nice try. But turns out that you don't need to try, because a grue attempts to eat you and its teeth pass right through you. Remember? You're a ghost?

> ...Right. Use ghost powers to fly out of pit.

You try, but the pit is sucking you in, and as much as you struggle you get sucked in. With a last, despairing cry, you plummet into the depths of the pit. You hit the ground with a loud thump. You slowly gaze upwards to see what new torture awaits you, only to see - It's a Hannah Montana performance. You scream and try to break free of the hordes of wig-wearing six-year-old mini-rockstars, but they cling on to you like leeches, sucking all musical taste out of you. You'd better think fast.

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