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 Dance Dance! Score: 0\19298 Moves: {{{3}}}

> join party

You race over and join the the mad dancing.

A hot, scantily-clad Jamaican chick drapes a ring of flowers over your head.

> inv

*sigh* You have your cheap clothing and a ring of flowers, all currently being worn.

While staring at your clothing the dancers jostle you around so you join back in the dancing.

Occationaly you are fed delicious fruits and fruity wines. Before long the dancing turns into a blur. A fire appears and day turns to night yet everyone dances on.

Suddenly strong hands grab you and shove you onto a stone slab where they rip open you shirt, cut you open and steal your organs. Their mystic chanting and dancing keeps you alive despite your lack of organs. Some are franticly drawing symbols with your blood. Deep moaning errupts from the dancers, who's dancing grows faster and faster.

> Check your inventory

WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU! You inventory contains: some bloody pants and a ring of flowers, all currently being worn. You inventory does not contain your organs. Now let me finish describing your horrible death.

Suddenly the dancers, the men who cut you open and the hot, scantily-cad chicks all fall to their knees and chant in unision: TRjkCH BRhGYHS SCHjTY XXYXXY! KkrgXT GRUE!!

They have completed summoning the Nether-Grue. A very stupid thing to do.

The Nether-Grue eats them all, simultaneously.

Then it turns to you and speaks: "Your organs have facilitated my release so I shall provide you with new ones"

Suddenly you are filled with strange new organs. They make you feel powerful.

By the time you finsished thinking this the Nether-Grue has left to eat the rest of Jamaica.

You hop off the stone slab with amazing strength. Surprised by your new found strength you decide to test them out by taking a jump in the air.

You jump is so powerful it rips your new organs right out and squished your brain inside your skull.

The grues attacked by the Nether-Grue eat your remains.

*** You have won ***

Would you like to finish under, destroy an unsaved position, or start this session of Zork (type FINISH, DESTROY, or START):

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