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 Paradise Score: 5 Moves: 8

> kick him in the shins

That was a really, really bad move.

> Kick the bastard again!

No! Stop, you dont want to do that! He is the gate keeper of heaven! That could get you in trouble with Allah.

> Stand down on gatekeeper's neck until he stops breathing

The angel lies on the ground, motionless. Suddenly, red smoke begins to spew out of the dead angel's eyes. Slowly, the smoke comes into the form of a great djinni. He dosent look happy. His great mouth opens and he begins to speak.


The djinni points at you

"What have you done to Steven?!"

> Start to run away

You start to run, but find that you cannot move. No matter how hard you pump those chubby little legs you still stay in the same place. The djinni begins to talk again.


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