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 secrettrapdoor4 Score: 5 Moves: 0

> punch Feminine-Looking Wizzard

You really don't learn, do you?

You punch the Wizzard with all of your might, but the bones in your fist shatter upon making contact with its skin. Not giving up, you punch the crack you made earlier as hard as you can. Suddenly, you feel the Wizzard's shell give way as the crack opens up. A bright beam of light erupts from the Wizzard's body, and the Wizzard can't help but display a look of terror on its face.

The Wizzard screams at you, "Blasted mortal! You shall pay for this for all eternity!" As the horrible creature dies, it quickly casts one last spell on you.

> run away

You attempt to run away, but you've become completely paralyzed. The Wizzard finishes its spell with the last ounce of its strength, and you are engulfed in a bright flash of light before blacking out.

You awaken to find yourself in a dark hallway that seems to continue in all directions for as long as you can see.

> look

This area appears to be just like the obligatory maze portion of the game, only slightly different. It definitely has that "you've just gone through another dimensional portal" feel to it.

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