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 secrettrapdoor3 Score: 5 Moves: 0

> attack Feminine-Looking Wizzard

How would you like to do that?

> swing knife at Wizzard

In a random act of savagery, you swing your worn butcher knife at the Wizzard. The knife bounces harmlessly off of the Wizzard's mirror-coated exterior. Needless to say, that wasn't the desired effect.

The Feminine-Looking Wizzard becomes slightly angrier after your attempts.

> swing crowbar at Wizzard

Running out of ideas, you whip your crowbar out of your infinitely deep pocket and swing it wildly at the Wizzard. The Wizzard takes the beating, staring at you out of boredom, until at last you create a small crack in its skin.

The Wizzard eyes you angrily and begins casting what seems to be a particularly nasty spell. You'll have to act quickly.

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