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 secrettrapdoor2 Score: 5 Moves: 0

> give ID card to Wizzard

You hand ye ID carde to the Feminine-Looking Wizzard. It turns the card over and examines it thoroughly, perhaps amazed by its possibilities as a fake ID for getting into that new Wizzard strip joint.

The Wizzard laughs heartily. "You have done well, mortal. I have been searching for my lost ID card for centuries. You may call me Aaron."

> give bolt cutters to Aaron

"Why thank you. Here, take this laser cannon as a token of my thanks."

Aaron A. Aaronson hands you an enormous laser cannon and instantly disappears in a puff of smoke.

> inspect laser cannon

The laser cannon looks almost exactly like the MagiTech Thundaga 3000 Mk. I you stole from the security guard from before, only now it has a small box attached to it with a strange label.

> read label

The label reads, "Backup generator in case of awesomeness shortage." If only your previous laser cannon had one of those.

Suddenly, a bright flash of light overwhelms you as the rotten apple core and the light bulb fuse with the laser cannon to produce a light cannon. You slip it into your bottomless pocket.

> inv

You've got your trusty brass lantern, a new light cannon, soiled clothes, the ID card, a crowbar, bolt cutters, that poor kid's keychain, and that useless butcher knife. You also have the following treasures: a Pot of Gold, a Beautiful Painting, a Platinum Utility Ladder, a Brass Bauble, and a Sapphire Bracelet.

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