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 secrettrapdoor1 Score: 5 Moves: 0

> give bolt cutters back

"Foolish mortal! You think returning my bolt cutters after stealing them will ease my pain? For this, you will die!"

And you will. The Feminine-Looking Wizzard doesn't even show a hint of mercy toward you, a bolt cutter-stealing adventurer. Within milliseconds, the Wizzard casts a spell and turns you into a rather horrifying Grue. While still in a daze over being transformed into such a hideous creature, the Feminine-Looking Wizzard hands you an enchanted mirror.

> look at mirror

Darn, it's one of those mirrors that shows what you would look like as a human. Completely overwhelmed by your Grue instincts, you eat yourself, thinking that you are a delicious adventurer.

*** All your Zork are belong to us ***

Would you like to main screen turn on, move every zig, or surrender are bases to CATS? (TYPE MAIN, ZIG, OR CATS)

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