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 Underground Tower Score: ? Moves: ?

> enter door

You and the Medusataur shuffle through the door, inside of which is the interior of some sort of tower. Why anybody would build a tower in a cave is beyond me.

Again, you can't see a thing. But there's a smooth spiral ramp leading downward, and a rubble-blocked stairway leading upward.

The Medusataur's wailing continues, but now it appears to have degraded into mournful mooing. "Mooooo! Moooooo!"

> Go up

You can't - it's blocked with rubble.

> Go back

There's no time for backtracking when a companion of yours has a curse!

> You know, I've noticed that ever since we had this curse, there's only been one room in which to go next. Could it be that you're too lazy to make multiple copies of each room for each level of the curse timer?

Shut up.

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