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 Pharaoh's Tomb Score: 130 Moves: 58

> northwest

The large sandstone door is closed, sealed, and engraved with ancient hieroglyphics.

> examine seal

The seal holds the door shut forevermore. It appears to be made of unobtanium.

> read hieroglyphics

They read, from left to right: "Bird Looking Left, Stick Figure Holding Lantern, Three Reeds, Rectangular Thing With Fangs, Something That Looks Like Cthulhu, Stick Figure Being Violated, Potato With Letters On It, Dog Passing Water."

> speak "friend" and enter

This ain't no three-volume novel, fatcakes.

> fire a hadoken

Yeah, so you thought killing the Grue King gave you enough XP to gain ten levels of Black Magery? You must've miscounted, poindexter.

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