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 Dink Score: 130 Moves: 57

You reach a dead end. Standing before you is a strange blue creature. He barely manages to mumble the words "Da... Da Dink".

> play tambourine for Dink

You play a tune and the Dink starts dancing wildly. A hairpin flys off of him and lands on the ground next to you.

> get hairpin

As you reach down to get the hairpin, the Dink grabs you and runs away with you. You are now his "forest bride".

> await the day the Dink's vigilant watch over you will slip

You wait a great many years for the Dink to slip eventually. You lose track of the years as they pass and slowly become more comfortable in your role as mistress of the Dink's den. You begin to appreciate the meticulously arranged piles of twigs for their own natural beauty. Throughout it all the Dink continues to watch over you as a loving protector.

> resign yourself to a life with Dink

Eventually you forget your previous life of adventuring and begin to believe that the world is entirely bound within the muddy walls of the den. This is truly your home.

> dust tambourine shelf

You go about your daily chores as you always do. As you reach up to dust the tambourine shelf you suddenly fall backwards. You grab the shelf for support, but it is of relatively crude construction and cannot support your weight. You lose consciousness as the tambourine strikes you on the head.

> regain consciousness

You awake in the maze. What on earth? Was that happy, simple life with the Dink all just a dream? If it was just a dream why are you wearing a dress?

> remove dress

You take off the dress (which was simply laid upon your adventurer's outfit) and dispose of it quickly. You spit on the ground and adjust your codpiece in a vein attempt to reestablish your masculinity.

> look around

Wait a minute, this isn't the maze you started in! It's a completely different maze! Moreover the end of this maze is immediately to the north. Sweet.

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