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 Giant Egg Score: 0 Moves: 2

> Marvel

Marvel bar:

Now I know you're not being sincere. You were just marveling to get stuff from me! Well guess what, you selfish bastard! You don't get ANY present, now or EVER!! Why don't you ever buy me presents? I thought you loved me! I guess I thought wrong! ROT IN HELL!!! WHAAAAA!!

You made the Zork Master mad! Prepare to die.

Grues! Millions of 'em! You're surrounded! You attempt to defend, but it is no use. The community of grues devour you.

*** You fail at Zork ***

Would you like to not fail, restore The Super Ultimate Final Conclusive Showdown Battle To The End save file, or end your failing session of Zork? (TYPE RESTART, RESTORE OR QUIT):

Or you can also (because you fail at Zork):

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