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 Lesbianators Score: {{{2}}} Moves: {{{3}}}

> enter corridor

You enter the non-existant room in a non-existant suit and discover that youve just entered a room full of lesbians. These are not the nice sort however but the overtly femenist sort dressed in dull grey suits. They all glare at you when you enter.

> Hey? Thats not fair!

Well it was your own fault for typing 'lesbian' here and hoping youll recive something nice... Well noooo... anyway where was I?

> Ice cream?

NO! just for trying to decive me all the women suddenly attack you tearing you to little shreds. Oh and they feed thier pet Grues your remains.

> They have Pet Grues???

Shut up! Your meant to be dead already!

*** Your James Over ***

World you'll like to star dover, restall as saved position, or end its essense of Zork? (type RESTORT, RESTORT, or QUITE):

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