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 Maze Score: 160 Moves: 91

Before setting the ladder up against the edge of the hole in the ceiling, you remember where the hole leads to: the wizzard's pantry. Realizing that you just wasted all of that time trying to get the ladder - not to mention wasting a perfectly good pair of pants in the process - you hang your head in shame.

Suddenly, you spot a brilliant flash of light up in the wizzard's pantry. You can't stop yourself from wondering just what the source of that light was. Maybe you should check it out.

> use ladder

You lean the ladder up against the edge of the hole and excitedly climb up. You poke your head up through the hole and are shocked to discover that you are now in a room that is definitely not the wizzard's pantry.

You climb through the hole and retrieve your Platinum Utility Ladder.

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