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You lean the ladder up against the edge of the hole and excitedly climb up. You poke your head up through the hole and discover a room that looks awfully familiar.

> look at room

Yep. You're definitely back in the wizzard's pantry from earlier, except something seems a little different.

You hear a faint noise behind you.

> turn around

Standing over you is the owner of the pantry - a Feminine-Looking Wizzard - and he's awfully angry at you for stealing his bolt cutters. Before you get a chance to give the bolt cutters back, the wizzard submits you to a punishment best left unsaid.

*** Ouyay avehay iedday ***

Ouldway ouyay ikelay otay artstay overway, estoreray away avedsay ositionpay, orway endway isthay essionsay ofway orkZay? (Ypetay ESTARTRAY, ESTORERAY, ORWAY ITQUAY)

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