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> dodge the hammer blow, strafe behind him and karate-kick him in the crotch

The mighty hammer Grond cleaves the air as it flies toward you! With a sudden burst of speed you dive out of the way of its cruel path! Still steady on your feet, you break into a dash as Morgoth prepares a magical spell. Dancing madly around your foe, you strafe behind him and...

..wait a second. If you're going to kick him in the crotch, why on Earth did you strafe behind him?

> umm... can I change my move?


Morgoth uses his twisted magic to smite you with a bolt of pure whoop-ass that kills you twenty times before you hit the ground. And once when you hit the ground. And a couple of times after that for good measure.

*** Your life functions have ceased to serve you ***

Would you request that your game be reset so that you can choose a different path, backtrack until you can remember exactly where you went wrong and hope to correct your erroneous mistake with minimized effort, or cease the playing of Zork for a varying period of time determined by your decision? (type RESTART, RESTORE, or QUIT):

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