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 Nondescript Room Score: 0 Moves: 1

> inventory

You pull out each item in the inventory as you examine them. You have:

5 litres of human blood, 206 bones, a skull, a human brain (embedded in skull), a layer of skin (being worn), two eyes (embedded in skull), a tongue, a stomach (half-full), a digestive tract, a rectum (full), a bladder (half-empty), a liver, a kidney (worth 500 zorkmids), another kidney (in use), two lungs (in use), a human heart (in use), a spleen (unventilated), some genitals, 412 human hairs (being worn), a song (embedded in heart), a smile (embedded in skull), 9 hopes, 12 dreams, 14 regrets, 99 problems, 17 fears, 5 ounces of darkness (embedded in heart) and a consciousness (not in use).

You also have no pants (no shirt; real adventurers don't need shirts!), a stick of gum, and an anti-Grue uniform. Unfortunately, the gods of Zork suddenly decide that you having an anti-Grue uniform would be unfair to the Grues, and they take it away from you.

Unfortunately, by the time you put back all the things in your inventory, a Grue eats you. Tough luck.

*** In Soviet Russia, died have YOU! ***

In Soviet Russia, game would like to start over YOU! In Soviet Russia, saved position restore YOU! In Soviet Russia, session of Zork ends YOU! (IN SOVIET RUSSIA, RESTART, RESTORE OR QUIT TYPE YOU!)

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