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 Nondescript Room Score: 0 Moves: 1

> inventory

You pull out each item in the inventory as you examine them. You have:

5 litres of human blood, 206 bones, a skull, a human brain (embedded in skull), a layer of skin (being worn), two eyes (embedded in skull), a tongue, a stomach (half-full), a digestive tract, a rectum (full), a bladder (half-empty), a liver, a kidney (worth 500 zorkmids), another kidney (in use), two lungs (in use), a human heart (in use), a spleen (unventilated), some genitals, 412 human hairs (being worn), a song (embedded in heart), a smile (embedded in skull), 9 hopes, 12 dreams, 14 regrets, 99 problems, 17 fears, 5 ounces of darkness (embedded in heart) and a consciousness (not in use).

You also have no pants (no shirt; real adventurers don't need shirts!), a stick of gum, and an anti-Grue uniform. Unfortunately, the gods of Zork suddenly decide that you having an anti-Grue uniform would be unfair to the Grues, and they take it away from you.

Unfortunately, by the time you put back all the things in your inventory, a Grue eats you. Tough luck.

*** All your Zork are belong to us ***

Would you like to main screen turn on, move every zig, or surrender are bases to CATS? (TYPE MAIN, ZIG, OR CATS)

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