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 Call a Linux Guru Score: ? Moves: ?

> call linux grue

In a record 17 seconds, a linux grue comes and fixes the computer. It then eats you.

> what?

You forgot that you called a grue, not a guru.

> undo

Fine. UNDO. Time goes backwards.

> call linux GURU

In a record 16 seconds, a Linux guru comes and solves your problems.

> smile

The guru turns out to be a grue.


I'm sorry, but all gurus are grues.

> kill narrator

You killed the narrator.

> Now I can type win without a grue eating me!

> win


> Yay!

NOT! For killing the narrator, you are eaten by a grue.

> cancel

The new narrator ceases to exist, as well as the grue.

> become god

Fine. You become god.


You are eaten by the god of grues.

> point out that gods can't die

So what? You got eaten anyway.

> undo

The grue ceases to exist.

> destroy a random city

Idiot. You just blew up Free Country, USA!

> what?

You are killed by an angry mob of Homestar Runner fans. And Strong Bad.

> un-

Your god powers have been taken away.

*** In Soviet Russia, died have YOU! ***

In Soviet Russia, game would like to start over YOU! In Soviet Russia, saved position restore YOU! In Soviet Russia, session of Zork ends YOU! (IN SOVIET RUSSIA, RESTART, RESTORE OR QUIT TYPE YOU!)

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