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 LOL Score: ∞ Moves: -∞

You has been eated by this Grue. What are you thinked? You is stupid to complains about me gramma's

> um, can you spell good?

I kan spel fyne.

> no you can't.

Nou...i kan spel teh besst wai eva's. Bee Tee Dubble U..

*** You have, in all, by and large, on the face of it, taking all things into account, hoping for a second chance, while wondering if there are subspecies of Grue's that do not eat young fatarsed adventurers like you, while wondering if anybody cares, then wondering if nobody cares, while singing the Song that never Ends, while Chuck Norris was eaten by Pokemon, while this sentence gets longer and longer and longer and longer and longer, while you fart, while you burp, while the BP finally fixes that bloody oil spill that's been killing all the damn animals off the Louisiana coast, besides polluting all the waters around the Eastern Coast of America, you have in all, thank goodness this sentence has finished, been eaten by a Grue, and you have died. *phew!****

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