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 Running away Score: 0 Moves: 0

As you turn and run, certain that the grues will catch you, your feet land in the magical sandles of fleegrue +4. As long as there are fewer than 4 grues chasing you, you can outrun them. How's that for luck?

> Awfully convienent, don't you think?

What, you'd rather have been eaten? Besides, who asked you?

Anyhow, there are two grues chasing you from the west, and you're at an intersection between four buildings. There are three grues to the east, one appears to be going north, and two appear to be coming west. To the north there are 5 grues, but one is eating two of the others, and the remaining three are at least partially blind because they decided to look at a solar eclipse without proper protection. To the south, there's only one grue. It's a pretty cool grue, though. Smoking, hanging out with all of the hot chicks. Listening to the rock music.

What do you do?

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