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“Where has the Ur-Grue gone? I shall tell you. We have killed him - you and I. We are his murderers.”
~ Friedrich Nietzsche on the Ur-Grue
 extremesarcasmnomore Score: 60 Moves: 0

> use extreme sarcasm

The Ur-Grue sustains 44 damage from the sarcasm. His energy shield shatters, causing another 80 damage to be dealt to both fighters. You, 20/100 HP. Him, 32/215 HP.

The Ur-Grue is stunned for three turns, but can no longer be hurt by extreme sarcasm. You quickly charge your light-mod, take aim at the Ur-Grue, and vaporize him just in time.

All that is left of the Ur-Grue is the Ancient Map - the final treasure of Zork.

> get ancient map

You can't get ye Ancient-

> Oh shut the fuck up

Aw, you're no fun anymore. Fine, you get the map, and that means...

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